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This page has frequently asked questions about my fitness training program.

What is the advantage of training at home?

There are several good reasons to train at home. There is no membership fee and no long term contract. You may stop any time without obligation if you are not satisfied with me and will not be stuck with unused sessions that were bought in a package deal. You will save driving time and gas expense. You do not have to wait in line to use the equipment. It is more sanitary and you will not have to touch sweaty equipment that was used by someone else. More importantly is the risk of catching a staph infrection when you share equipment at a health club or private gym. Most people are not aware of this danger when they share equipment that is not wiped cleaned with disinfectant after each use. Some individuals do not want to be watched by others while they work out. None of these issues will be a problem for you when you work out in the privacy of your home.

Can a person who never exercised do your workout?

I have three programs with varying intensity levels. My entry level program is designed to help beginners get started even if they are completely out of shape. The resistance exercises are low impact and do not overstress the joints. The entry level program is also used to work with older clients and individuals who have medical problems. I have a mid level program for most anyone who wants to get in shape and improve their overall fitness. My advanced program is use to train athletes or anyone who wants a very intense workout.

How many times a week should I workout to get the best results?

My experience which is also supported by scientific studies indicates that a person should do strength training three times a week to achieve optimal results. However, if you are very busy, you still benefit do strength training two times a week. We meet once or twice a week and I will show you how to perform the exercises for that particular session. Then I will return the following week and teach you new exercises as you progress. My programs are easy to learn and simple to perform by yourself at home. There is no need to be at the gym everyday. With my program, you only need to perform the strength training 2-3 hours a week and you will get excellent results.

How is your training different from the trainers at a health club?

Many trainers at health clubs use outdated training methods on machines because it is easy for them and their clients. Functional training without machines requires more work for me to design individual programs for each client. My custom programs are based entirely on functional body movement which develops superior total body conditioning when compared to the fixed isolated movement that occurs while using machines. The most important feature of my program is that I change your workout each week to new exercises and continuously challenge your body. You need to change to new exercises on a regular basis or your body will adapt and you will no longer get the full benefit from your workout. My training is systematic and progressive which allows you to perform new exercises that are more challenging as your body becomes stronger. A number of my current clients have been with me since 2004 which tells me they are very happy with their results.

What is functional training?

Functional training allows you to exercise in an unrestricted range of motion that is the most anatomically correct position for your body during physical activity. Functional training works with the natural movement of each person to develop proper neural adaptations and muscle recruitment. This creates greater total body conditioning when compared to using traditional exercise machines. Machines force your body to move in a controlled isolated range of motion that is predetermined by the design of the equipment. Machines are beneficial if you want to develop a specific muscle group for rehabilitation.

What if I have a gym membership?

Some of my clients have health club memberships to use swimming pools or get access to the cardio machines that would take up too much space in their homes. Other clients enjoy their health clubs as a social place and add group classes to their weekly routine. You will benefit doing my program at home and still use your club membership.

What is your availability?

I train clients Monday through Fridays starting in the early morning and finishing in the evening. Saturday trainings are offered in the morning. However, there are a limited number of training spaces available each week.

How can I prevent muscle and joint pain that keeps me from working out?

Muscle soreness is normal when you are performing resistance exercises but pain in your joints is the body sending a message that something is not right. Pain is a warning sign from your brain telling you that a problem exists and needs to be fixed. The old saying "no pain - no gain" does not apply if you are exercising properly. Exercise requires effort to get good results which can make you feel sore but you can accomplish your fitness goals without creating unwanted pain. It is difficult to work out if you suffer with pain and you may do more harm to your body if you force a joint or muscle to move that is experiencing pain. I will teach you how to perform myofascial release exercises that reduce and eliminate pain in your back, joints or muscles. I have helped my clients get rid of chronic pain that kept them from working out in the past. Click on the "client comments" link at the right side of this page and see how I resolved their problems.

What equipment is needed to train at home?

Very little equipment is needed to get excellent results. You can view pictures of the equipment that is used by clicking on the "photograph" link at the right side of this page. The equipment is portable and can be stored in the corner of a room or in a closet.

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